11 Thoughts That Come to Mind When People Act Like Black Women are America’s Help


  • Black women are not your walking Negroe spiritual.
  • There’s never a shortage of folks wanting to police how much fun Black women get to have.
  • Some people only speak the name of a Black woman when they need something done.
  • Folks see a Black woman trending/getting positive media attention, and what comes to mind is: “Hmmm…speaking of Black women, let’s see what work I can have Black women do for me.” That’s infuriating x annoying!
  • Rather than expecting celebrities to do social justice and activism, you can support the activists and advocates on the ground doing the work *every day*.
  • Too many people vote against their own best interests then can’t wait to plan a march against the horrible political leader they and at least everybody they know voted for — after Black women warned them.
  • It seems we have to broadcast this everywhere in America daily. Black women are not your children, family, neighbors who need to be reminded:



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Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com

Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com


Speaker/Podcaster/Storyteller/Author/Blogger/Social Justice Strategist. Nearly 30 years working 2 end racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.