3 Common Obstacles to Setting Boundaries

Boundaries are a necessity for survival. Even though everyone should have boundaries, not everyone believes that they themselves have a right to set up boundaries. Tonya GJ Prince will talk about 3 all too common obstacles that may be holding you or someone you know back from setting boundaries.

Tonya GJ Prince from , , and gives voice to healthful affirmations and reminders. Her goal is to support and validate the voices of women and girls navigating a violent and abusive world.

Feel free to leave us a recorded voice message (comments, tips, quotes, statistics, questions).

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Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com

Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com


Speaker/Podcaster/Storyteller/Author/Blogger/Social Justice Strategist. Nearly 30 years working 2 end racism, domestic violence, & sexual violence.