If it Needs to be Said, Women Will Say It

Notes from the era of female erasure…… Pregnancy is a whole-body experience and should be honored as such. Pregnancy, delivering a child, ….changes both you and your body forever. I don’t know how y’all have conversations with people who believe your words of disagreement with their words are potentially deadly…

Braid the Ladder is a not-for-profit charitable effort to encourage members of communities to donate specialized hair care products to local shelters for people with beautiful & uniquely textured hair. The organization was started by founder Tonya GJ Prince after an encounter with a Black family seeking services in a Battered Women’s Shelter where she was the counselor. BraidtheLadder.org

The Truth About Child’s Play and Child Sexual Abuse

Tonya GJ Prince/WESurviveAbuse.com

Speaker/Storyteller/Author/Blogger/Social Justice Strategist. Tonya is the community’s go-to expert on sexual & domestic violence.

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